Providence Row Housing Association

Centralised billing from one supplier & annual saving of 5%


Providence Row Housing Association (PRHA) is a specialist housing association helping people who are homeless with a wide range of residential and non-residential services.

Spending over $150,000 on their energy bills

Project Overview

38 sites across the East End of London with various suppliers and contract end dates. Many of these were not in contract and therefore paying out of contract rates.

Most of the customer’s bills were based on estimated reads and therefore inaccurate leading to overpayments.

Resolve Energy conducted a full bill validation which included checking rates and contract statuses for all 38 sites.

Set up a common end date contract with one single supplier for electricity and gas.

Annual saving of 5% against their current rates

Outcome and Next Steps

Energy bills are now centralised from the single supplier, budgeting and management of the accounts are streamlined.

Smart Meters have been fitted to all sites at no cost, so moving forward all bills will be based on actual meter reads and therefore accurate.

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