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Whichever industry your business is operating in, market intelligence is a fundamental part of accurate and confident decision-making. As market leading energy procurement specialists, we gather, analyse and utilise market intelligence from the energy industry on a daily basis to ensure we are providing the best service we possibly can.

Predicting an Uncertain Market

With so many fundamentals affecting and driving the price of electricity and gas, it is vital that we keep up to date, watching for trends and anticipating changes and fluctuations to ensure that the contract and product that we recommend is not only right for now, but for the duration of the entire contract.

The changeable nature of the energy industry has made gas and electricity procurement an extremely risky task. Technical factors, ranging from weather conditions and forecasts, to oil prices and political unrest in foreign countries, can each have an effect on the wholesale prices of gas and electricity.

Daily Reports & Analysis

We are linked in to daily market reports from all of the major UK energy suppliers. This information is analysed in detail so that all of our account managers are fully up-to-speed with the current and future expected market conditions.

Our expert analysts are able to study these energy market reports in detail each and every day, making use of the comprehensive data provided. Our dedicated account managers can then provide the customer with clear, concise and relevant information, which allows them to make a calculated and informed decision relating to their energy contracts.

Our market reports provide analysis and commentary on developments in the industry, whether economic, political or legislative. Resolve identifies strategic opportunities for our clients, allowing your business to take advantage of the best purchasing conditions and opportunities.

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Market Intelligence

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Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is a fundamental part of accurate and confident decision-making.

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