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Since 2008, business customers in Scotland have been able to choose their own water supplier, with the primary aim being to allow them to save money and find a better service. Scottish businesses are estimated to have saved £65 million since this deregulation.

In April 2017, the water market in England will also become deregulated, meaning all business customers will soon be able to choose their own water supplier. Over 90% of Scottish businesses that have switched water supplier have used a broker. In this new, more competitive market, it’s vital to have informed support in securing the best deal.

Statistics show that business customers across the UK are being disadvantaged by their water company. As recognised Business Utilities Experts, we understand the importance of affordable billing, which is why Resolve Energy have chosen to expand into the Water Market, adding this valuable resource to our current Gas and Electricity Utilities services.

Incorrect Water Costs

Most consumers won’t realise how simple it is for suppliers to incorrectly apply water costs, a problem suffered by approximately 25% of non-domestic customers. What’s more, when it comes to appealing against these charges, the burden of proof falls firmly on the consumer to prove to the water company’s satisfaction that their charges are incorrect. This is something that few individuals have the knowledge or confidence to attempt.

By partnering with our specialist water consultant, we aim to challenge incorrect charges that have been wrongfully applied and gain refunds, credits and cancellation of these charges for our clients. ‘Informal Precedent’ has led to successful challenges being appealed beyond ‘The Statute of Limitations’ (as far back as 1991). This creates the unique opportunity of greatly enhancing these appeals and the chance of gaining recompense.

2017’s Open Market

With deregulation set to open up the water market in 2017, we are able to work with clients to not only remunerate any overcharges they have experienced, but also help them switch from their current supplier to a licensed provider more in tune with their customer needs.

Importantly, with our forensic water audit, you’ll only ever be invoiced if an appeal is successful and a refund has been received. If an appeal is launched but is unsuccessful, there is no cost. In the first instance, all we ask is to see your most current water bill. Once analysed, we can assess the viability of your challenge and begin submitting your claim.

Please contact us directly to discuss your Water Services in more detail. By either emailing us at info@resolveenergy.co.uk, or calling 0800 170 7670, you will be able to speak to one of our dedicated team. When it comes to utilities, it really does pay to choose an expert.

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Water Services

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Water Services

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